SuperFood Series: Health benefits of mace (Part1)!!

You must have heard the name of Javitri. Some people also call it the twin sister of nutmeg. Like nutmeg, the benefits of mace are also many, which we are talking about in this article. You will find detailed information on what is Javitri and how to use Javitri. Readers should keep in mind that Javitri article is not a cure for any physical problem. It can help protect against diseases. At the same time, it can be helpful to reduce the symptoms to some extent in the state of the disease.

What is mace

You must have heard about nutmeg. Both nutmeg and mace are found in a tree called Myristica fragrans . However, many times people consider both nutmeg and mace as one, but this is not the case. Nutmeg is the seed of this tree and the fibrous layer covering it is called javitri. The scientific name of Javitri is Myristica fragrans and the English name mace. It is also known as jaitrapi in common language and like other spices, this spice is also found in almost every household kitchen. This spice is light yellow, orange or golden in color. It not only enhances the taste of food, but it is also being used for many years due to its medicinal properties.

Medicinal properties of mace

Many medicinal activities present in mace are due to an element called mclignon. It is the main component of mace and has anti-microbial (antibacterial), anti-inflammatory (inflammation reducing), anti-cancer and antidiabetic properties. Not only this, it can also be effective in protecting the nervous system and liver. In addition to the properties of the stated mclignon, it also has antioxidant properties, which can help in removing oxidative stress and free radicals. How the medicinal properties of Javitri can be beneficial for the body, it is explained in further detail in this article.

1. Benefits of mace for the digestive system

Due to busy routines, overeating or not eating at the right time are common stomach and digestive problems. Many people get addicted to medicines to keep the digestive system correct, which is not right. In such a situation, the benefits of eating mace can be taken. As nutmeg helps in digestion, javitri can also be beneficial for stomach and digestion. According to a research, both nutmeg and mace can be used to increase digestive power. However, further research is needed to determine which action is responsible for this quality of mace.

2. Benefits of Mace for Diabetes

Nowadays, diabetes has become a common disease, which can happen to anyone. There was a time when some people used to have this problem and it happened after an age, but today it is not so. In this case, diabetes can be reduced to a large extent by consuming mace. Actually, mace has anti-diabetic properties. It can decrease blood sugar by controlling an enzyme called alpha-amylase.

3. Effective for teeth

Dental care is necessary. If the health of teeth and mouth is not taken care of properly, it can affect health. In such a situation, the use of mace can be quite beneficial. Indeed, the macelignan present in it has anti-bacterial properties, which can fight against bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. This bacterium is believed to be the cause of many dental diseases (4).

At the same time, according to a research, Maclignon also has anti-cariogenic (tooth-protecting properties) properties, which can help in relieving dental problems (5). It can protect teeth from cavity problems. Not only this, mace also has anti-cancer properties, which may help to avoid oral cancer.

4. Protect the kidney

The benefits of eating mace are beneficial for the kidneys. Mace can help relieve kidney problems . A compound called macelignan present in mace can protect kidney tissue from damage. In a scientific study, it has been found that mclignon can be useful in preventing inflammation and apoptosis (cell death) and enhancing the natural antioxidant defense system. These properties of maclignon present in mace may protect the kidney from ischemia-reperfusion injury (a type of tissue damage).

5. Benefits of mace in cold and cold

The problem of colds or fever is common due to changing weather. In such a situation, mace can be a good home remedy. It has also been used for many years. Its anti-allergy, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties can prevent allergic problems such as colds. Therefore, many times it is heard that small children are said to lick mace or nutmeg. However, at what age and in what amount should be given nutmeg or nutmeg to the infant, only doctors can tell better.

6. helpful in increasing appetite

Many times eating outside food causes stomach and digestive problems, such as acidity and stomach infection, due to which the appetite decreases. In such a situation, people often get used to taking medicines continuously, which is not good. In such a situation, the use of mace can improve digestive power and can also increase appetite . At the moment, further research needs to be done on this topic.

7. Benefits of Mace for Liver

Many times it happens that eating outside becomes compulsion. Like the routine nowadays, sometimes people eat out for hobbies too. In such a situation, the condition of the stomach gets worse day by day. Oil-spicy food has a direct effect on the liver and as a result, liver problems start. In this situation, it is important to pay attention to eating and drinking in time. Also, if mace is used, it can benefit to some extent. Maclignans derived from it have hepatoprotective properties, which can work to keep the liver healthy .

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