Appointment of Shrikant Datar as Dean of Harvard Business School!!

Shrikant Datar of Indian descent has been appointed as the Dean of the renowned Harvard Business School in the United States and will be replaced by Nitin Nohria of Indian descent. Arthur Loves Dickinson, a professor of business administration at Haward Business School, and Shrikant Datar, a senior associate dean at the university at Harvard Business School (HBS), will be the next dean, said President Larry Bako. Donors will be appointed to this post from January 1, 2021.

Announcing the appointment,said Shrikant Datar is known as an innovative teacher, a distinguished scholar and an experienced professor. At the same time, donors are known as leading thinkers on the future of vocational education. Also at Howard Business School, he has been instrumental in tackling the challenges that have arisen during the Corona. He also served in a number of positions at Howard Business School for the past 25 years. On January 1, Shrikant Datar will take over as the Dean of Harvard Business School.

Datar completed his early education from Mumbai University. He passed in 1973. After becoming a Chartered Accountant and pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma from IIM Ahmedabad, Datar received his PhD in Statistics and Economics from Stanford University. From 1984 to 1989, Dattar was an associate professor at the Carnegie Mellon Graduate School of Industrial Administration. He then served as a professor at Stanford University Business School until 1996. Donors are also a part of IIM Kolkata’s governing body. Donors will be the 11 Deans of Howard Business School.

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