SuperFood Series: Health benefits of mace (Part2)!!

You must have heard the name of Javitri. Some people also call it the twin sister of nutmeg. Like nutmeg, the benefits of mace are also many, which we are talking about in this article. You will find detailed information on what is Javitri and how to use Javitri. Readers should keep in mind that Javitri article is not a cure for any physical problem. It can help protect against diseases. At the same time, it can be helpful to reduce the symptoms to some extent in the state of the disease.

What is mace

You must have heard about nutmeg. Both nutmeg and mace are found in a tree called Myristica fragrans (1). However, many times people consider both nutmeg and mace as one, but this is not the case. Nutmeg is the seed of this tree and the fibrous layer covering it is called javitri. The scientific name of Javitri is Myristica fragrans and the English name mace. It is also known as jaitrapi in common language and like other spices, this spice is also found in almost every household kitchen. This spice is light yellow, orange or golden in color. It not only enhances the taste of food, but it is also being used for many years due to its medicinal properties.

Medicinal properties of mace

Many medicinal activities present in mace are due to an element called mclignon. It is the main component of mace and has anti-microbial (antibacterial), anti-inflammatory (inflammation reducing), anti-cancer and antidiabetic properties. Not only this, it can also be effective in protecting the nervous system and liver. In addition to the properties of the stated mclignon, it also has antioxidant properties, which can help in removing oxidative stress and free radicals. How the medicinal properties of Javitri can be beneficial for the body, it is explained in further detail in this article.

8. Benefits of Mace in Arthritis

With age, bones start to get weak and pain starts in the body. This is normal with increasing age. In this case, mace can be consumed to prevent it. Indeed, mace has anti-inflammatory properties. This can prevent a problem in the joints caused by inflammation, which is called rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis.

9. Reduce Obesity

Increased weight and obesity have become a problem for almost everyone. Eating outside and oily, not exercising and not eating at the right time is the main reason for this. As obesity increases, many types of diseases start to enter the body. In such a time, it is important to pay attention to it. According to a research done on mice, Myristica fragrans (mace and nutmeg) have anti-obese properties. Its ethanol extracts contain natural ingredients such as tetra hydro furans, lignans, saponins, tannins, flavonoids and polyphenols, which have been shown to reduce obesity.

10. Help to increase sleep

Many people nowadays have insomnia problems. Lack of sleep due to work pressure and stress is common. In this situation people take sleep medicine and they themselves do not even know when they have become addicted to it. In such a situation, mace can be used as a home remedy. Its extract can provide a comfortable effect, by which the problem of insomnia can be cured to a great extent. It has been used as a medicine for many years (10). However, what properties of mace are responsible for this, more research is needed for this.

11. Benefits of Mace for Heart

Platelets (blood cells) can play a large role in causing the risk of cardiac disorders and stroke. Interruption of platelet function can prove beneficial for the treatment and prevention of these diseases. Mace contains an element called erythro acetoxy tetramethoxy neolignan (EATN), which has anti-platelet activity. Its intake can prevent platelets from accumulating in the blood simultaneously, allowing blood to flow through the arteries without obstruction. On this basis, it may be assumed that mace may be beneficial to the heart due to its anti-platelets effect (11).

12. Antiinflammatory is mace

Sometimes due to inflammation, the body is vulnerable to many diseases. Joint pain is also caused by inflammation, in this case, consuming mace is a good option. Its anti-inflammatory properties can protect against any kind of inflammation to a great extent and can help keep the body healthy.

13. Benefits of Mace for Skin

Beautiful and glowing skin is desired by almost everyone. Spiked skin further enhances personality, but nowadays the skin is losing its natural glow in a polluted environment. In such a situation, people often try to bring back the shine lost by makeup, creams and lotions, but sadly, their effect also lasts only for some time. In this situation, a home remedy may prove to be a good option. Indeed, macelignan present in mace can protect the skin from damage from the sun’s harmful rays. However, more research is needed on how this can be beneficial for the skin.

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