You will be surprised to know these benefits of red chilli!!

On hearing the name of red chili, its sharpness is remembered. After salt, if someone changes the taste of eating spices, then it is red chili. But do you know that red chilli does not only increase the taste of food, but it also helps in protecting you from many serious diseases. In a recent study, it has been claimed that it also helps in protecting you from lung cancer. Let’s know the benefits of red pepper health.

Capsaicin is in red pepper

This study, published in Experimental Biology, stated that a compound called capsaicin is found in chillies, which is helpful in the prevention of lung cancer. There have been many cases of lung cancer in men and women. This figure is higher in the case of men and in this sense this study is being seen as a major achievement.

Green chilli is also a health enhancer along with red chili

For this study, researchers cultured non-small cell lung cancer cells in humans and found that a compound called capsaicin inhibited the metastasis of cancer at the first stage. In addition, the researchers also performed this experiment on mice. They fed capsaicin rich diets to mice and found that the number of metastatic cancer cells in them was extremely low compared to mice that had not been tested.

Red chili also reduces obesity

This study also revealed that the capsaicin compound also inhibits Src protein from being active. This protein helps in the spread and growth of cancer cells. Now, since chili is so beneficial for health, it must be included in the diet.

Beneficial for men

Men should especially eat more chillies as it is also helpful in the prevention of prostate cancer. Apart from this, anti-oxidants are also abundant in it and it also helps in blood circulation.

Internet research…. Take Doctors advice before consuming!!

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