Green chillies, countless benefits on consumption!!

Most people like to eat green chili during meals, but people also believe that eating spicy food is not good for health, which prevents its consumption. If you also avoid thinking this till date, then do not do it from now on. You will be surprised to know that green chili is beneficial for physical health. Let’s know about the benefits of green chili for health …

Nutrient-rich green chillies contain carbohydrates including vitamins-A, B6, C, iron, potassium. Apart from this, beta-carotene, cryptoxanthin, lutein-zoxanthin etc. are found in it.

People who are suffering from serious diseases like diabetes, must include green chillies in their diet. Consumption of green chilies controls the level of sugar in the body.

The vitamins found in green chillies are very beneficial for the skin. If you eat green chillies, your skin will improve. Apart from this, if you eat a spoonful of green chilli juice mixed with honey on an empty stomach, you will get relief in asthma.

Eating green chillies improves the process of your digestive system. The vitamin C present in green chillies acts as a spit in the body after eating, so that the food can be digested better.

Based on Internet research…. Take Doctors advice before consuming!!

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