‘Tanishq ekatvam’ advertise pulled back, Was trolled for Love Zihad!!

In the colorful world of Twitter, a trend was seen from Monday evening. Tanishq apologizes, and Boycott Tanishq. Here, pollution started increasing in Delhi and on the other hand once again the era of religious-social commentary started circulating on social media.

What is the matter

Amidst the corona virus, the atmosphere is going to be festive, big festivals like Dussehra-Karvachauth, Deepawali are coming. Along with their influx, Tata-owned jewelery company Tanishq had brought its new range of jewelery named Ekatva. To promote this, the company released an advertisement on Youtube. There is concealment in the house of a Muslim family. The daughter-in-law comes from a Hindu family. I am surprised to see such preparation.

People asked, why Hindu daughter-in-law in Muslim family?

Hearing so much, you feel once, wow, what is said. Awesome, won heart. Great. You will give this advertisement with all the beautiful adjectives. But wait, the next moment you can think whether he is really talking about the same society where we and you have been.

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