The company stopped testing the corona vaccine because it was affecting the volunteers’ bodies!!

Researchers are working day and night to overcome the Corona crisis that has engulfed the entire world. In addition, several corona vaccine trials are underway around the world. Like other companies in the world, Johnson & Johnson in the United States has developed a corona vaccine. But tests for this vaccine have been abruptly stopped for some time. The decision was taken after the vaccine showed adverse effects on the volunteers’ bodies.

In the United States, Johnson & Johnson, like Mordana and Pfizer, has developed a corona vaccine. Tests for this vaccine are currently underway. After giving a single dose of the experimental vaccine, the volunteers developed a strong immune system to fight against the corona. The vaccine is considered to be highly effective on corona as no side effects have been reported after taking two doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Ad26.COV2.S vaccine on the body of the volunteer.

It has been reported that Johnson & Johnson abruptly stopped vaccine tests while the vaccine was becoming effective. He was also confirmed by Johnson & Johnson, according to Reuters. Johnson & Johnson said the tests were temporarily suspended because some of the volunteers involved in the corona vaccine test suddenly fell ill.

The characteristic of the vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson is that even a single dose of this vaccine is sufficient to protect against corona. Mordana, on the other hand, will have to give two doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer. If one dose of corona vaccine is sufficient, many things can be made easier by delivery. The company has tested the vaccine on 60,000 volunteers, and a single dose of the vaccine could be effective, according to the tests.

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