APJ Abdul Kalam reached the President’s house with only two suitcases and while leaving !!

For the first time in India, a scientist became a president. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is known as Missile Man. Dr. Abul Fakhir Zainul Abdin Abdul Kalam became not only an Azeem Scientist but was also a great human being. Whoever he worked with won his heart. We all know that he achieved success after so much struggle. How a boy from the general family of Tamil Nadu city Rameswaram completed his journey to missile man. Today, millions of people consider him as an example for themselves and follow his words.

When the family came to meet Delhi

Once Kalam’s entire family came to Delhi to meet him. He was a total of more than 50 people, including his 90-year-old elder brother and his one-and-a-half great-grandson. Everyone was brought from the station to Rashtrapati Bhavan, where he stayed for 8 days. Kalam paid for a cup of tea, even from his arrival and eating and drinking, from his pocket. Not only this, Kalam also gave a clear instruction to his officer that cars of President House will not be used for these guests. The details of all the expenses of eating and drinking of relatives were kept separately.

Nothing but clothes and books

When Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was elected the President, preparations were made for his use with a lot of zeal, Rashtrapati Bhavan was beautifully decorated. All these preparations were made so that the goods of the new Sadr of the country could be kept properly. But very few people know that when Abdul Kalam reached there, he had arrived with only 2 suitcases. He had his clothes in a suitcase and his books in the others. And when he was sedentary for five years, then with these two suitcases. In his farewell program, he said a very beautiful jumla, saying, farewell, how is the country with me a billion people.

From childhood, Kalam sahib started selling newspapers to share his household expenses.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was born on October 15, 1931 in a Tamil Muslim family in Rameswaram. His father’s name was Jainulabdeen, Walida’s name was Aseemma. There were five brothers and sisters, three elder brothers and one elder sister. His eldest sister named Asim Zohra and three elder brothers, Qasim Mohammed, Mustafa Kamal, Mohammad Muthu Meera Lebai Marikair. He was close to his Kumbay and always helped him, though he remained a bachelor all his life. Abdul Kalam’s ancestors were wealthy businessmen and zamindars. But by the mid-1920s, his food business had sunk. When Kalam was born, his family was struggling with poverty. From childhood, Kalam Saheb started selling newspapers to distribute his household expenses. Abdul Kalam was very sensitive since his initial training and he was particularly interested in math while studying for hours. After completing graduation in 1960, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam joined DRDO as a scientist.

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