SuperFood Series: 16 benefits of ginger, uses (part2)!!

Ginger has been used in every Indian kitchen for years. The reason is its special taste, but did you know that apart from bringing taste in food, ginger is also rich in many medicinal properties. This is the reason why ginger is also used to get relief from many health related problems. In this article of Stylecrase, we will show you the medicinal properties of ginger as well as the benefits of ginger, so that you can understand the benefits of eating ginger better. At the same time, before that it is also important to know that ginger can only be used as a home remedy. It should not be considered a cure for the problems mentioned. Treatment of any disease depends on medical advice.

Benefits of Ginger – Benefits of Ginger

9. Control cholesterol and blood pressure

You have already been told in the article that hypotensive (blood pressure lowering) effect is found in ginger. At the same time, another research involving ginger believed that ginger juice can help in controlling lipids as well as lowering the increased cholesterol . Given both these facts, it can be assumed that ginger can exhibit positive effects in controlling both cholesterol and blood pressure.

10. Helpful in arthritis

We have already told you in the article that ginger has both antiinflammatory (inflammation-reducing) and analgesic (analgesic) properties. Due to both these properties, ginger can also help in relieving arthritis. Evidence of this is found in an NCBI research. Research has suggested that ginger can help relieve arthritis problems along with other physical problems.

11. Aids in diabetes control

A research conducted on ginger by the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research found it effective on diabetes. Research has shown that it can control the amount of increased blood sugar as well as increase the activation of insulin. In this way, it can prove to be effective in the problem of diabetes in a broad sense.

12. Helpful in weight loss

The use of ginger can also prove beneficial in controlling weight by increasing it. A research on the NCBI website related to ginger confirms this. Research has suggested that ginger can act like a fat burner and may be helpful in reducing frozen fat on the abdomen, waist and hips. At the same time, it can also help to keep away the risks that cause obesity . On this basis, it can be said that if ginger is consumed with balanced diet, it can definitely help in reducing weight.

13. Increase immunity

Consuming ginger can also help in maintaining the body’s resistance. This is confirmed by a research conducted by the International Journal of Preventive Medicine. Research has found that ginger has antioxidant (free radical destroying) and antiinflammatory (inflammation reducing) properties. It also has immunonutrition properties. That is, it can also be helpful in promoting immunity .

14. Avoid infection

Ginger has been used for years to get relief from many physical problems. These problems also include preventing infection. According to experts, ginger has antimicrobial (bacteria-destroying) properties. For this reason, it can help prevent infection from various types of bacteria (14). At the same time, research from a medical university in Taiwan has also found that fresh ginger extract can reduce the effect of HRSV (Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus).

On the other hand, a research by Food Science and Research suggests that the properties of ginger can also be effective in preventing the infection of common cold, cold, sore throat and fever.

15. Beneficial for skin

The use of ginger can also prove to be beneficial for getting a skin free from spotless and nail pimples. According to experts, the use of ginger can provide a positive effect in relieving the problem of acne and scar spots. However, it is unclear how ginger works in the acne problem. Therefore, further research needs to be done in this regard . However, it would not be wrong to say on this basis that the consumption of ginger can prove to be beneficial to some extent in relieving these skin problems.

16. Beneficial for hair

As we have already told you earlier in the article, ginger has antimicrobial (microbial destroying) properties . At the same time, according to experts, hair loss can also be seen due to bacterial infection. In such a situation, if someone is troubled by the problem of hair loss due to bacterial infection, then the properties of ginger can prove to be helpful.

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