The next two and a half months are very important in the fight against Corona. Dr.Harshvardhan!!

This is also confirmed by the Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan at a time when there are fears that corona will be hit harder in the coming days due to winter and rising pollution.

“The next two and a half months will be crucial in the fight against corona, given the winter season and festivals,” he said. If landed, the production of indigenous corona vaccine will start very soon.

Dr. Harshvardhan said that out of the three vaccines being worked on in India, the trial of the third stage of one vaccine and the second stage of the other two vaccines is underway. The next two to two-and-a-half months are going to be crucial in the fight against Corona, so every citizen needs to be vigilant and follow the government’s instructions.

“Corona has affected the whole world but if caution is exercised and especially wearing a mask and following hygiene rules, corona can be stopped,” Dr Hashwardhan said in a program. Social distance is also important for this. India is one of the few countries in the world where the number of deaths due to corona is very low. It is hoped that corona vaccination will begin in India within 6 months.

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