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The small-looking lemon is a treasure of medicinal properties. Its juice is used to make a variety of refreshing drinks ranging from savory dishes. Even though lemon is sour in taste, the benefits of lemon are many. The use of lemon can be beneficial for the body in many ways. This is the reason that in this article of Stylecrase we will not only tell the properties of lemon, but also share the information about the ways in which lemon can be used. In this article both the advantages and disadvantages of lemon have been explained in detail. Come, let us know something special about lemons through this article.

 Medicinal Properties of Lemon

Lemon is especially used for its sour juice. It has many medicinal properties. It is rich in Vitamin-C. In addition, it also contains nutrients like calcium, potassium, fiber . In addition, it is also rich in anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. At the same time, it can be useful in cleansing the blood and also in the case of asthma. We will learn more about these in further detail. Let’s know what happens by eating lemon.

Read below what the benefits of lemon can be for health.

Benefits of lemon to lose weight

According to a study done on mice published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), polyphenols present in lemons can control growing obesity. These polyphenols are considered effective to prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the body. According to another study conducted on the same topic, lemon in the form of detox drinks can help reduce fat from the body. In addition, consuming lemon juice with lukewarm water may be more useful. Actually, lemon juice if consumed with lukewarm water, it promotes digestion and can be helpful in reducing weight by improving metabolic rate.

In addition, lemon has also been considered a good source of vitamin-C and vitamin-C is considered the most important element for weight loss (6). Not only this, many people also consume honey in lemonade for weight loss, which can be a safe home remedy for weight loss. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to diet and exercise.

Lemon for Cancer

There is no doubt that cancer is a serious disease and the only remedy is medical treatment. However, its risk can be reduced by changing lifestyle and eating habits. Particularly if citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are mentioned, the use of these can prevent cancer. Also, according to a study published on NCBI website, consuming citrus fruits like lemon can prevent pancreatic cancer. At the same time, according to another study, flavonoids present in lemons may act as anticancer. Simultaneously citrus fruits also have anti-tumor and chemopreventive properties.

Lemon for Fever

There may be several reasons behind fever, of which bacterial and viral infections are prominent . In such a situation, lemon consumption can be helpful here. Many people also use lemon as a home remedy for fever. If we talk about the quality of lemon, then it is rich in vitamin-C and it can help in preventing infection caused by bacteria and viruses. Although there is a lack of precise scientific research on this, but as it contains vitamin-C, lemon intake may be beneficial as a home remedy to improve immunity and prevent fever. In addition, lemon can also be used for common sore throa.

 Lemon for the heart

Lemon juice can also play an important role in keeping the heart healthy. As we mentioned, lemon is a major source of vitamin-C and vitamin-C rich foods can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Many times the problem of blood pressure can also cause heart disease . As such, some scientific studies suggest that vitamin C also works to control blood pressure, which may be beneficial for the heart. At the same time, citric fruits like lemons are rich in flavonoids, which may help in the treatment of atherosclerosis (plaque formation in the arteries). As far as the ability of citrus flavonoids is concerned, it can act to improve oxidative stress, hyperlipidemia (Hyperlipidemia – accumulated fat in the blood), reduce inflammation, arterial blood pressure and lipid metabolism. Lemons can be added to daily life to keep the heart healthy.

 Lemon for Kidney Stone

Those who have kidney stone problems can add lemon to their diet. Indeed, citrate properties present in lemons may prevent stone formation. Even though its nature is acidic, it gives alkaline effect in the body and can act as a cleanser for kidney. In such a situation, consuming lemon water along with plenty of water can also be beneficial. Nevertheless, it is better to get medical advice in this regard.

Lemons to prevent anemia

If the body does not get the right amount of iron, there may be an increased risk of anemia . According to a study published on the NCBI website, if a vitamin-C diet is taken along with iron-rich foods, it can help in the correct absorption of iron in the body. In this situation, lemon with an iron-rich diet, which is a vitamin-C rich food can be beneficial and can prevent the risk of anemia.


If the immunity power of the person is right, then the person’s body can avoid the risk of diseases. In this case, vitamin C can be very helpful in improving immunity. Vitamin-C can protect the body from many physical problems . In such a situation, lemon can be included in the diet as a home remedy to improve immunity, protect yourself from disease.

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