Scientists made soft and stretchable batteries, it can also be used to monitor heartbeat!!

Researchers have created a soft and stretchable battery from a special type of plastic polymer, which saves more power than conventional batteries. It will be further developed like a sensor so that it can be helpful in monitoring the heartbeat by sticking to human skin.

According to the study published in the journal Nature Communications, wearable electronics gadgets such as smartwatches have large and rigid batteries. Power backup is also very less in these. It is also not comfortable to wear. There is also a fear of chemical leakage. Xenan Bao, a researcher and chemical engineer at Stanford Universities in the United States, said that we did not yet have a battery that could stretch and bend according to our body. We were able to make electronics that people can wear comfortably. This new discovery has made things easier.

New battery can be worn

In recent studies, scientists have developed a polymer, which is solid and stretchable. Its leakage is less likely. It is also sticky. The polymer electrolyte carries the electric charge between the battery poles. Researchers conducted tests in the lab that maintained the power output even after pulling, twisting and twisting it twice the actual length of the battery.

New battery size is equal to a thumb nail

According to scientists, this device could also be used as a power stretchable sensor, which can be helpful in monitoring the flare of the heart and organs by sticking in the skin. The size of this new battery is equal to a thumb nail.


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