Auto Expo 2020: Tata Sierra Electric SUV Tata launches electric version of popular SUV Sierra!!

Tata Motors (Tata Motors) introduced its much loved vehicle at Auto Expo 2020 (Auto Expo 2020). But now it is an all electric car. And this vehicle is Tata Sierra (Tata Sierra). According to the company, it has refurbished its legend vehicle Tata Sierra. The new vehicle is the all-electric concept SUV. This new concept from Tata is a tribute to the original Sierra, known as Telco in the early 1990s.

The Tata Sierra Electric SUV concept is built on the Alpha ARC platform. This design of the company will be seen in future vehicles. Currently, Ultros has also been built in this platform.

The design of the new Sierra is very similar to the old one. The front end of the Tata Sierra concept SUV is quite powerful and has been made more attractive by the use of squared wheel arcs. Speaking of the overall look, the Tata Sierra Electric SUV looks like a Land Rover Defender. But unlike the old, the new Sierra’s rear window has been covered with glass to give it a canopy look.

The original Sierra SUV was given three doors, two in the side and one in the rear. Tata has adopted the same theme. The rear tail of this concept SUV has an LED taillamp, which makes it look great.

We can say that the Tata Sierra Electric SUV looks very good. With its look and design, a completely new scale of concept SUV has been laid which will actually affect the electric vehicles of the future.


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