How you can find out which contact or group with which you have the most chatting!!

WhatsApp is a chatting app that every user uses daily. It also has family groups, friends groups, social groups along with chatting from personal contacts and many other groups. If you are also a WhatsApp user, do you know what contact or group you are chatting with the most? WhatsApp has full information about this. We are telling the process of finding this detail here.

Step-1: To find out this, first go to the settings of WhatsApp. For this, click on the three dot line at the top of the right side.

Step-2: Now the window will open in which options with accounts, chats, notifications and data and storage usage will be seen. User has to go to data and storage usage.

Step-3: Now in the new window, the option of storage usage will be visible inside the user. Within this, there is a complete detail of chatting. You have to tab on it.

Step-4: Here the group or contact will be seen on the first number, with which you have the most chatting. The number of those below it will be in decreasing order.


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