Account of Facebook on Twitter-Instagram got Hacked!!

Facebook’s official account was hacked on Twitter and Instagram on Saturday. Twitter itself issued a statement and informed about this. It said that Facebook’s official account was targeted from a third party platform. It is being described as the hand of a cyber criminal organization called ‘Ourmine Group’. The organization has hacked the accounts of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter chief Jack Dorsey.

Hackers hacked Facebook’s account on Instagram in a similar manner and also posted photos of the group from it. It wrote, “We belong to our mine group. Facebook can also be hacked. But his security is better than Twitter. “

Twitter did not reveal which third party platform Facebook account was hacked from. However, it is believed that Khoros was a social media management tool. Khoros is used by digital marketing and PR companies to manage their social media accounts. A Twitter spokesperson said that the account was locked as soon as he came to know about the case. Currently Facebook and Twitter are working together to deal with such problems.

Our Mine Group Saudi teenagers organization

The Avramine Group recently hacked the Twitter accounts of more than 12 teams linked to the National Football League. The group has been active since 2016 and is believed to be the hand of Saudi teenagers. Facebook also issued a statement after the incident saying that our corporate social accounts were hacked for some time, but now they have been secured.


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