Pune's EVERV introduced its luxury scooter!!

Pune-based company Everve has also entered Hall number 12 of Auto Expo 2020. It is a vehicle modification company, but now the company is entering the electric scooter segment with its own product. It has introduced its first prototype model EF1. The luxury-looking scooter will be launched by the end of the year. At the same time its price will also be revealed.

100 km range

Two removable batteries have been used in this scooter. Both batteries can be removed and charged separately. The battery is charged in about an hour by fast charger and in 5 hours by regular charger. After full charge, its range is 100 km. At the same time, its top speed is 110 kilometers per hour.

Get 4 driving modes

The scooter has 4 driving modes. These include M1, M2, Turbo Boost and S. M1 and M2 modes are used while driving in the city. At the same time, you can use S i.e. sports mode to walk on the highway. If overtaking the vehicle, then turbo boost is used for it. The speed of its car increases.

Color screen console

It has a color screen console. Which can be connected with the app. It also shows battery charging, speed, trip meter, boost level and many other details. The company will install digital consoles in the new variant of the scooter. In which GPS navigation will also be available with NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.

Used many places on scooters

EVERV has used the company’s logo in many places on this electric scooter. Like the LED light in the front is designed like a logo. Logo design will also be found in its key. Round-shaped heavy LED light will be available in its front. At the same time, the back side will get light with design like Iron Man.

Other features of EF1

It has 12-inch wheels at the front and rear. Both tires will get disc brakes for safety. There is a speaker and a bottle holder on the front side. There will be luggage space with the battery under the seat, but there is no space in the front. It will be launched in 6 colors.

Srinivas, managing director of eVerve, shared many details about this scooter.


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