How you can find out which contact or group with which you have the most chatting!!

WhatsApp is a chatting app that every user uses daily. It also has family groups, friends groups, social groups along with chatting from personal contacts and many other groups. If you are also a WhatsApp user, do you know what contact or group you are chatting with the most? WhatsApp has full information about this. […]

OnePlus continues to thrive in premium category, OnePlus captures 33% of Indian market in premium category in 2019!!

With the tagline ‘Never Settle’, premium smartphone brand OnePlus has once again been in the Indian market. The recently released 2019 report of Counterpoint has revealed that in one year, 33 percent of the premium smartphone category phones have been sold by OnePlus alone. Apart from this, OnePlus account has got another achievement this year. […]

Auto Expo 2020: Tata Sierra Electric SUV Tata launches electric version of popular SUV Sierra!!

Tata Motors (Tata Motors) introduced its much loved vehicle at Auto Expo 2020 (Auto Expo 2020). But now it is an all electric car. And this vehicle is Tata Sierra (Tata Sierra). According to the company, it has refurbished its legend vehicle Tata Sierra. The new vehicle is the all-electric concept SUV. This new concept […]

Airtel will get opportunity to watch more than 10,000 movies with unlimited calling in Rs 149 plan!!

If you are looking for a plan that is good in terms of entertainment, then Airtel Rs 149 plan can be right for you. In this plan with a validity of 28 days, users will get 300 SMS with unlimited calling on any network. In this plan, users are being given 2 GB of data. […]

Google launches new feature, will now be able to recharge mobile without any app!!

Google has launched a new feature from Tuesday. Under this, Indian consumers can recharge by searching their prepaid mobile plans only through Google search. Under this feature, consumers can also recharge the plan by paying directly through Google by searching their favorite plans, discounts and offers. At the moment, only those Android consumers can take […]

Scientists made soft and stretchable batteries, it can also be used to monitor heartbeat!!

Researchers have created a soft and stretchable battery from a special type of plastic polymer, which saves more power than conventional batteries. It will be further developed like a sensor so that it can be helpful in monitoring the heartbeat by sticking to human skin. According to the study published in the journal Nature Communications, […]